Adrian Blotner, MD  


Mood and Anxiety Disorders
I have specialized in the treatment of Mood and Anxiety Disorders since 1988. I focus on non-medication techniques as well as non-addictive medications when needed. I monitor very carefully for side effects and work towards the goal of helping each person get back to feeling the best they've ever felt.

Chronic Pain Disorders
I have specialized in the medication management of all types of chronic pain since 1988. With the goal of improved functioning as well as reduced pain, I emphasize the use of effective non-habit-forming medications and non-medication techniques. When I do prescribe narcotic pain medication,
it is with very careful monitoring for benefits and side effects.

Care Philosophy 
Our goals are to minimize both physical & emotional suffering and to improve your ability to function in all areas that are important to you. We strive to treat all patients with compassion, respect, and the highest possible quality of care.

I offer treatments that help individuals to reduce both physical pain & emotional suffering, while improving functioning in all areas of their lives. Treatments include effective non-habit-forming medications, non-medication techniques, and careful use of narcotic pain medications where needed, with the first rule being "do no harm." I work with those under my care to minimize side effects while maximizing beneficial effects of medication. Family members are welcome to join us for office visits, at the invitation of the patient.